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Even after decades of being familiar with the acronyms HIV and AIDS, there is still quite a bit of misunderstanding about these diseases. Many people are still quite concerned about contracting the diseases, while those who have already received positive diagnoses are concerned about living with the diseases.

Dr. Gallant has written his book in a question/answer format. He addresses 100 of the most frequently asked questions about HIV and AIDS in a straight-forward, dignified way. He begins with discussions about what the diseases are and how to contract them. He then moves on to tests to confirm diagnoses, stating the names of tests that are most accurate in confirming a correct diagnosis. He explains coping skills, answers questions about daily living activities, and many of the medicines that have been extremely successful in helping HIV positive patients live full, healthy lives.

There is tremendous hope for people who have received positive diagnoses. Instead of the impending death threat from contraction of HIV and/or AIDS, the new school of thought is that there are many combinations of therapies that allow for a regular lifestyle. There are many support systems available for both patients and families.

This is a must-have book if you work with people at all. It will quiet some of the fearful thoughts that many bodyworkers have, since we work so intimately with clients. It will answer most questions that are asked about contracting, living with, and combatting the disease. The greatest takeaway from this book and course is that HIV and AIDS are much easier to treat than diabetes or arthritis!

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ISBN-10: 1284124819, “100 Questions and Answers about HIV and AIDS, 4th Edition”, by Joel Gallant, MD, MPH.

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