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Course Description

As healthcare professionals, we do not get to pick and choose who comes to us for services. We do, however, hold the power to either keep people coming back or having them go elsewhere. When people are treated with respect and kindness, they will want to return to the place that offered those things. When they are treated like cattle and just pushed and pulled through the healthcare systems, they will likely run in the other direction and avoid healthcare altogether.

Most people think that diversity involves making people from other countries feel comfortable in our country. That is only a teeny, tiny part of the picture. Take, for example, an American who was born in the U.S. and grew up in a mostly Asian neighborhood. Then take another person, American born, who grew up in an Italian neighborhood. The Asian neighborhood was likely more quiet and reserved than the Italian neighborhood, where screaming is thought of as normal conversation. Are these two people going to look at life the same way? Probably not.

What about the homeless culture that is unique unto itself? What about the prison population? What about the refugees trying to avoid genocide in their homelands? Are their needs and perceptions going to be different? Yes, they are.

This text is probably one of the most complete, comprehensive books about diversity as it applies to healthcare available. Let’s face facts; everyone is probably going to have to seek medical treatment at some point in their lives. It is up to us, as healthcare providers, to make these people feel comfortable and welcome enough for them to continue that care.

There are all kinds of superstitions and beliefs about medicine that have been ingrained in people since the beginning of time. When a client is adamant about not having surgery until the full moon for fear of angering the ancestors, it is not our call to make them feel like their beliefs are unfounded. It is our call to collaborate and come up with viable solutions so that they can get what they need without feeling judged or fearful.

Our world is like a cake. All of the cultures are the ingredients for that cake.  It takes these ingredients, blended together, to make that cake be moist, beautiful, and delectable.. If we only had one ingredient, like flour, it would not be much of a cake. If we only had one culture, what would we miss out on? Music? Sports? Fashion? Dance?

The more diverse and welcoming you make your business to everyone, there is a high likelihood that people will want to use your services time and again. This is extraordinarily important for us in healthcare. Just think; your approach of kindness and understanding will very likely save lives and enhance the quality of peoples’ lives. After all, isn’t that why we chose this profession in the first place?



Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to explain how past events influence present-day events and attitudes, discuss the importance of education about different cultures, and define cultural awareness and collaboration in the healthcare field.


Students will be able to master the following objectives with a minimum of  70% accuracy:
  1. Explain the influence of past events on present day situations
  2. List the Healthcare Professions that may be thwarted by different cultures and regional areas
  3. State the different words and phrases that are used in a racially insensitive way
  4. Compare and contrast the percentage of people who are uninsured, according to age, ethnicity and household income
  5. Identify the languages most frequently spoken at home, other than English or Spanish
  6. Define “Culture”
  7. Define “Family”, as stated by the U.S. Census Bureau
  8. Itemize some cultural concepts that might cause conflict between Healthcare Providers and patients
  9. Compare and contrast the different approaches to Health and Wellness
  10. Explain the difference between Deaf (capital D) and deaf (lower case d)
  11. Describe the “homeless” as a cultural group with its own set of values and beliefs
  12. Describe some of the roadblocks that the LGBTQ population have with regard to healthcare
  13. Reiterate the goal of Healthcare Providers in creating a diverse, welcoming environment
  14. Characterize the standards by which the Amish abide
  15. List some of the common Hindu beliefs involving healthcare and end-of-life
  16. Characterize the healthcare issues that deal with the autistic population
  17. Explain how many cultures can influence health decisions for their diabetic citizens

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for this course will be measured by the mastery of the objectives set forth in the Learning Objectives section. Students must master the objectives, which are measured by the written assessment. Students must achieve a test score of 70% or higher to achieve mastery of these objectives.

Course Outline

This course follows the book as it is written. The written assessment also goes in the same order as the book. Nothing in the assessment is based on any supplemental websites or books.

Students will spend approximately 21 minutes per objective, since there are 17  objectives for this 6 hour course.


ISBN-10: 1540772470, “Further Reflections from Common Ground: Cultural Awareness in Healthcare” by Beth Lincoln.

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