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Ethics are a part of everyday business and everyday life. We are constantly put into situations where either we, or others, are expected to act in an ethical manner. Hence, ethics and ethical concepts are not foreign to us.

There are certain professions, however, where ethical conduct takes a front seat. Healthcare and bodywork are among those professions. We are not only dealing with a person’s physical body, but their emotional and psychological welfare, as well. What that means is that we have to be diligent in conducting ourselves in a competent, professional and ethical way.

Mr. Meyers discusses ethics in a way that everyone can relate to. He does so in a way that we can take the case studies and apply them to most situations that we find ourselves in. We probably don’t view our interactions with clients a being of a business nature, yet these interactions must be just as professional and ethical. Actually, we need to take an extra careful look at ourselves to confirm that we are, indeed, a step above the rest of the professional world in our dealings with the people we service.

When we view ourselves as professionals who are held to a higher standard, it makes us realize that we must monitor our actions and words a little more closely. One of the biggest mistakes that any professional can make is being untrustworthy and unethical. This course will remind us of what professional ethics requires and how to ensure that we are conducting our businesses and transactions in that manner.

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ISBN-10: 1119045150 “The Professional Ethics Toolkit” by Christopher Meyers.

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